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5 Photo Booth Rental Tips in CT

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1. Make sure the photo booth rental company in CT you found is easily reached and clearly visible. A company who has your best interest at heart and willing to provide top notch service will not slack on making sure you know see they’re website, email, phone number, logo etc.

2. Compare. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple photo booth rental companies in CT but whatever you do, DON’T, just go with the cheapest. It is very easy to start a “photo booth company” with a camera on a tripod, cheap lighting, and a printer on a table. Be sure you go with a company within your budget but one that you can clearly see has professional equipment.

3. How Active Are They?. When you come across listings and start receiving quotes lean towards the companies that have active posts on social media, active blogs on their websites, and up to date pictures/photo albums. Many photo booth rental companies are run part-time and lack the effort to give you your best experience and that can easily be unveiled by looking for how active they are as a company.

4. Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on their rental process, any paperwork, return policies, or quote expirations. A good photo booth rental company in CT will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the rental.

5. Get It In Writing. DO NOT rent based on word of mouth over the phone or a quote given over email. You should receive a formal rental agreement stating all rental policies. You should also receive formal invoices for payment and ask for a receipt for cash payments.


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