Tiffany & Cliffton Wedding

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Happy 2017, y’all! We ended off the year right by gearing up for amazing wedding. We wanted to share some fun photo booth pictures from Tiffany & Cliffton gorgeous Vazzano’s Four Seasons, wedding on New Year’s Eve! We had so much fun hanging out with their guests. We’ve always loved Vazzano’s Four Seasons.

We even saw a few familiar faces at the wedding. Marcus Robinson from True Images Creative Media, Shot the video.

Happy 2017, again, you guys! Can’t wait to see what this year holds for us!






What an experience this was working with Ryan Kristofer and Teresa Dufour from CT STYLE LIVE | WTNH8. The staff and crew over at WTNH8 studio 8 are amazing to work with. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this amazing show CT Style and Wtnh8. I had the opportunity to provide the Photo Booth Fun during the live broadcast. You Can view the show Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 9:30am on Channel 8. To see the show I was featured on use this link here.


Thank you so much WTNH8 | CT STYLE LIVE

Lyman Hall High School 10yr Reunion Party


I had an awesome time with Latrese and her guest at the 10yr high school reunion party for Lyman Hall high school located at The Tradition Golf At Wallingford CT. Everyone had a blast in the photo booth and the props were a huge hit, and we loved seeing all the smiling faces come through the photo booth line!




Photo Booth:


The Tradition Golf At Wallingford

Photo Booth Rental Tips To Keep in Mind

  1. Take time to do research on you photo booth rental company – This cannot be stressed enough. Make sure to check and compare several areas such as their social media pages and their online reviews. Make sure the company you are looking at have the necessary equipment.
  2. Check for Quality – The Photo Booth Rental company prints should never get old. Ask to see their printouts, these should not be grainy or pixelated. Make sure to check that they have the necessary equipment – cameras, booth customizations, and printers.
  3. Pricing – You get what you pay for and this is so true. Do not be misled by cheap fees and quotations by photo booth rental prices as this are only designed to entice you into a deal which can be potentially disappointing situation. Also take note of how long an event is. An event is usually between 3 to 5 hours so make sure to ask for arrangements in case that the event will run a little longer.
  4. Book Early – Remember there are other clients looking to book the same photo booth rental company as you. So make sure that after the event date is locked down, work on getting the photo booth booked in.

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Milford Public Library Party In The Stacks

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We spent Saturday night at the Milford Public Library and we got to booth it up. Everyone had a blast in the photo booth, and hopefully a few new friendships were formed just by taking photos together. There where so many awesome costumes and hilarious photos. If you will like to view the photos please use this link. Thank you so much for having me provide your event with our photo booth. 🙂

Milford public library

DJ: DJ Jazzy Kat


5 Photo Booth Rental Tips in CT

1. Make Sure They’re Visible. Make sure the photo booth rental company in CT you found is easily reached and clearly visible. A company who has your best interest at heart and willing to provide top notch service will not slack on making sure you know see they’re website, email, phone number, logo etc.

2. Compare. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from multiple photo booth rental companies in CT but whatever you do, DON’T, just go with the cheapest. It is very easy to start a “photo booth company” with a camera on a tripod, cheap lighting, and a printer on a table. Be sure you go with a company within your budget but one that you can clearly see has professional equipment.

3. How Active Are They?. When you come across listings and start receiving quotes lean towards the companies that have active posts on social media, active blogs on their websites, and up to date pictures/photo albums. Many photo booth rental companies are run part-time and lack the effort to give you your best experience and that can easily be unveiled by looking for how active they are as a company.

4. Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on their rental process, any paperwork, return policies, or quote expirations. A good photo booth rental company in CT will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the rental.

5. Get It In Writing. DO NOT rent based on word of mouth over the phone or a quote given over email. You should receive a formal rental agreement stating all rental policies. You should also receive formal invoices for payment and ask for a receipt for cash payments.